What we’re “reading”

W actually reads books. H “reads” books. Particularly if they are related to marriage and he “already knows what they’re going to say.”  Listed are some books we have read or are reading/”reading”. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on something that has helped or entertained us.

We read this AFTER we got married, even though we were given it prior to our nuptials,  but it actually was a good one with

practical (thank you) advice – – or “action items” as H    says.

I was actually quite annoyed after reading parts of this book because I didn’t want to believe it was true of H.

I’m sure we are not the only couple that struggles with our sex life; although for a long time I FELT like we were. This has been

helpful -especially in helping me realize we are not alone in our issues.


One Response to “What we’re “reading””

  1. rawmultimedia January 3, 2012 at 1:19 am #

    never heard of those books, but I might decided to check it out, I need some good reading options. nice post. :0


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