The Sweetest Things (W)

While I am happy I want to let you know all the sweetest things about H (I’ll update this periodically as I think of more things):

  • He asked me to be his girlfriend (we were in college) by writing “Be Mine?” in the snow.
  • He asked my dad’s permission to marry me.
  • ring
  • He gave me my dream proposal: he took me to NYC, took me on a carriage ride, then in the middle of central park, in a ray of sunshine on a deserted (almost – there were a few kids playing tag or something) hill, he got down on one knee, said a bunch a pretty sweet stuff I can’t remember, and asked me to marry him.
  • He is a volunteer firefighter. Hott!
  • He makes me tea and brings it to me while I am still in bed
  • He is a good cook.
  • He likes buying me flowers.

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