From H – Happy New Year – Kind of….

2 Jan

So 2012 started off very much like other days. Without getting into all the details (see W post on that) suffice it to say I am committed to a difference. I have much to work on, mainly a failure as a husband and leader. I feel like most of our issues stem from my inability to lead in our marriage. I let W charge the enemy while I’m in the back. No more, this has been destroying our marriage and affecting all aspects of our relationship. This week is my week to re-focus and re-examine our roles and re-commit to her. I will work on leading from the front and not requiring her to be forced into a role she does not like and isn’t created for. I will show her that I can change and she can start to respect and trust me. Thanks for your support and looking forward to a New Year/New Start.


One Response to “From H – Happy New Year – Kind of….”

  1. rawmultimedia January 3, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    I feel you on this one…HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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