I shouldn’t be doing this… (W)

8 Nov

I shouldn’t be teaching Bible verses to the kids in Sunday School.

I shouldn’t be telling my little sister to be kind to people who make her mad.

I shouldn’t be giving any marriage advice.

I shouldn’t be telling kids in school not to curse.

I shouldn’t be singing in the worship team at church on Sunday mornings.

I shouldn’t be, but I am.

The more I think, the more I know those feelings of being not good enough are lies from the pit of hell. I FEEL like I shouldn’t be telling people these things, or doing these things because I am not able to do always do them myself.

The truth is I am a sinner.

The truth is I need God.

The truth is no-one (read: I ) can do it alone.

We were made to be in community and we die if we are alone. That is why so many lonely people are depressed.

Someone once told me that anything held in secret is held in shame. That does NOT mean you have to tell the whole world your secrets (although in this case I kind of am!), but it means in order to be free of guilt or shame, whether it is legitimate or put on yourself unfairly, you HAVE to tell someone.

I am a real person. I FEEL I shouldn’t be singing in church or teaching bible verses, or giving advice because I fail in so many areas and in so many areas I am NOT a good role model. But the truth is, there are many ways I AM a good role model. And a truly good role model protects the innocent from things that may hinder their growth, but allows them to see the world and people as many faceted and imperfect. Who will ever realize they are worthy of God’s love and help  if they see everyone else around them living perfectly? They will  feel not good enough.I am a good role model when I can show people and kids that no-one is perfect, and that is WHY we need God.

If people are real and open and honest more, we would have a lot less people feeling alone in their particular area of suffering or personal battle within whether it be hypocrisy, insecurity, addiction, fear, whatever…


One Response to “I shouldn’t be doing this… (W)”

  1. dominiquemaurice November 13, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    We are not worthy of God’s love, but He made us sanctified on the cross.
    I LOVE your message…The Marriage Files

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