Another date night

20 Oct

So another date night down the drains. Here is my apology letter….

This is not easy for me to write as I am upset. However I did commit to cleaning and dating you once a week. My success in either of those departments has been limited at best. I am clear headed enough to know that your “Moods” regarding cleaning are not based on the level of cleaning but rather the act of following through. There fore I must apologize to you once again for my lack of commitment to you. I have not followed through on my words, which makes me a liar. I have not followed through on my promise to love you before all others and for that I am sorry as well. This is shown my by lack of planning date nights. I understand that all the other garbage that is brought up is not truly the heart of the issue. You want to know that you are the one and only thing in my life. And when you cant trust me or rely on my everything gets through into the wind.

Simple commitments, clean the house and date you. I will do both; not under duress but because they are important to you and our marriage. We both know I am not a good cleaner but I will give it a try. Dating you is easy, planning not so much. For me I need to know that your mine for the night. If this is no the case I need to know Sunday night before we go to bed or ASAP. That will allow me the freedom to make a plan and know I have no boundary’s.

I don’t want us to end. Even though we are both angry and hurt I do believe we can get through this. I don’t want you to quit your job. I want to make them money and though I haven’t told you it cuts deep when you remind me constantly about my failure to provide.

You deserve better, the best as God’s daughter. I am not it. But with Gods help I can be.

Forever yours,



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