Anger lessons (W)

11 Oct

I’ve learned many things about and from Anger:

  1.  Anger is usually a disguise for hurt. When I am the most out of control angry, it is usually my deep hurt putting up a shield so I don’t die inside.
  2. Anger stems from something being taken away. It is not always justified, but people only get angry when something is taken away from them. Like the time H took my “voice” by telling my mother about this blog.
  3. Anger controls you. You have to work HARD to control it.
  4. Can be for good, as long as it is used to drive someone or something towards a good goal without hurting anyone in the process. Obviously, although it’s possible, it is very difficult to do.

I have MANY stories I could tell on this topic…most of them are not pretty.


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