4 1/2 hour fight part B (from Husband)

5 Sep

So here we go again…seems like we have a crazy cycle and the issues just bounce from one to the next. We are never able to resolve anything. I know she hates this as much if not more than I do. I don’t understand why she persists sometimes. Well I do; she claims she cares and loves me and doesn’t want to let me settle for less. Which I get. What I don’t get is her approach to trying to resolve issues. She seems to think that bringing my Mom into the issue will somehow help me relate to what she is talking about. Guess what? It doesn’t; I tune it out. Sometimes I feel like I listen more when she does that but its mainly so the fight can end.

In her defense I am bad at a lot of things relating to marriage. I never remember her “love languages” and I act on them even less… I am good at giving other people advice on how to not be married with a ball and chain attached to your leg. But I don’t seem to be able to put that into action. I understand that for a marriage to work she has to feel like she is more important then baseball, work, friends and other social events. I almost always forget to make time with JUST her a priority. I think this fight I got it though. Gonna make sure that I plan activities for us (without any tag alongs). I will trust that she will say something if she wants others involved.

I’m tired so this is a bit dis organized but don’t worry I’ll be better in the future with much more in depth analysis on why we bump heads and how I am missing really obvious things. Good night world, LOVE YOU W!


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